Using Magic As An Icebreaker

Published: 15th February 2011
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You may have heard from time to time that magic can make for a great icebreaker in social situations. No doubt there is some truth to this assertion. But there is one word of caution. If you are going to use magic as an icebreaker, then the tricks you perform better be quite good. This means you should not only have the trick itself down, but your delivery down as well. There are good reasons for this, as you will not impress anyone with a failed trick or poorly done card magic trick.

Magic Isn't Always an Appropriate Ice Breaker

Breaking the ice is good in any social situation, and magic can work wonders in this regard. However, it is important to realize that the timing may not always be appropriate. For example, unless you are interviewing to be a magician in a show, using magic as an icebreaker on a job interview (especially a non-entertainment related one) is probably a very bad idea. Likewise, whipping out a couple of magic tricks at a funeral isn't much of an idea either. Thus, keep in mind that while magic tricks can be great icebreakers, if you pick an inappropriate time to perform your magic, you may actually do far more harm than good.

Sizing Up Your Audience

A good magician will work to become a keen observer of people. This skill, just like magic itself, isn't acquired overnight, but instead will take time and effort. Being able to read a crowd and individuals will also give you some insight as to whom you can approach with a magic trick and whom you should avoid. The facts of life are such that some people are rigid and stern in social situations. Learning to recognize such people will most certainly be in your best interest. Try and look for people that you believe are open minded and friendly when breaking the ice with magic.

Ask First

One good way of breaking the ice with magic is to simply ask a person that looks receptive if he or she wants to see a trick. More times than not, people will be receptive, as the unexpected always spices up life. Isn't that is what magic is all about?

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